To our valued patients, please beware of false online offers promising free treatments at Harmony Medical Center.
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    To our valued patients, please beware of false online offers promising free treatments at Harmony Medical Center.
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      Night Guards

      Protect your teeth from grinding.

      Night guards are dental appliances designed to protect teeth from the damaging effects of teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching during sleep.

      Bruxism is a condition characterized by the grinding and gnashing of teeth which usually happens subconsciously when you're awake or while you're sleeping. This can lead to several dental issues, such as tooth wear and fractures, headaches, gum recession, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

      Wearing night guards can mitigate these issues by acting as a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. You may also be prescribed to wear night guards to protect your veneers, especially if your grind your teeth when sleeping. At Harmony, our dentists are experts in spotting signs of bruxism. We offer our patients custom-made night guards for premium fit and protection.

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      Benefits of Getting Night Guards

      at Harmony Medical Center

      We use premium-grade materials to create custom-made night guards that are comfortable to wear throughout the night.
      Night guards cushion teeth from the forces of grinding and clenching.
      They help in relieving jaw muscle strain and pain associated with TMJ disorders.
      They alleviate morning headaches caused by bruxism.
      Night guards reduce disturbances from teeth grinding noises.

      Night Guards FAQs

      If you experience any of the following, you might benefit from a night guard: teeth grinding or clenching, morning headaches, jaw pain or tenderness, worn-down or chipped teeth, or increased tooth sensitivity.

      Night guards are typically made of durable yet comfortable plastic or acrylic resin.

      It may take a few nights to adjust to wearing a night guard. Some people experience initial discomfort, but this usually subsides within a week or two.

      Clean your night guards daily with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also soak it in a denture cleaner occasionally, following the manufacturer's instructions. Check your night guards for signs of wear and tear. If it becomes cracked or excessively worn, speak to your dentist to get it replaced.

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