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      Creating beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

      Certain factors like trauma, health issues, poor oral hygiene, or genetics may negatively influence the way our smiles appear and function. When life's challenges affect our oral health, prosthodontists step in to rebuild and revitalize your smile.

      Prosthodontics involves the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, and smile aesthetics of a patient with deficient or missing teeth. Here at Harmony, our prosthodontists specialize in treating complex dental problems, full mouth rehabilitation, TMJ disorders, smile makeovers, and more.

      Benefits of getting prosthodontic care

      at Harmony Medical Center

      Types of Prosthodontic Treatments

      Prosthodontic treatments not only restore your teeth's natural aesthetics and oral function but, ultimately, they are aimed at enhancing your overall quality of life.

      Full Mouth Rehabilitation

      Full mouth rehabilitation focuses on optimizing oral function and aesthetics, ensuring that you regain the ability to eat, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence. It's a tailored approach to revitalizing your oral health and overall quality of life.

      Smile Makeovers

      Our smile makeovers are expertly crafted to provide a complete transformation, enhancing the appearance of your smile and boosting your self-confidence. Our prosthodontists aim to create radiant smiles that leave a lasting impression.

      Fixed and Removable Dentures

      Our prosthodontists offer both fixed and removable dentures to comprehensively restore your teeth, improving oral function and aesthetics. These customized solutions are designed to provide comfort and confidence in your daily life.


      Veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic solution to improve the appearance of your teeth, offering a radiant, natural look. They are a versatile option for those seeking a quick and effective smile enhancement.


      Crowns are used to protect and restore damaged, weakened, or root canaled teeth, enhancing their strength and appearance. This treatment ensures that your teeth not only look better but also function optimally.


      Bridges are a reliable method for replacing missing teeth, restoring oral function and aesthetics. They consist of one or more artificial teeth, known as pontics, anchored to the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. They provide a stable, comfortable solution to improve your quality of life.

      Our Specialist Prosthodontists