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      Root Canal Treatment

      Experience painless endodontic therapy.

      Your smile is a masterpiece, and at Harmony, we're dedicated to preserving its natural beauty and integrity. We understand the importance of saving your natural teeth, and our root canal therapy are designed to ensure that your smile remains complete, radiant, and healthy.

      Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment is a safe, pain-free, and straightforward procedure that treats the inside of the infected tooth, to relieve pain and save your natural tooth from extraction. We have high-powered microscopes that allows our root canal experts to perform treatments and microsurgeries with unparalleled accuracy.

      Why is it important to save your natural teeth?

      Preserving your natural teeth offers a multitude of benefits, far beyond aesthetics. Your natural teeth are uniquely designed to fulfill various functions, from effective chewing to clear speech. Keeping all your teeth helps maintain the harmony and balance of your dental structure, ensuring your bite remains aligned and comfortable.

      Benefits of getting root canal therapy

      at Harmony Medical Center

      Types of Endodontic Treatment

      Root Canal Therapy

      Root canal therapy involves removing infected pulp from the inside of the tooth to prevent the spreading of the infection and save the tooth from extraction. Your endodontist may recommend that you get a crown after procedure to protect your tooth and restore its structural integrity.

      Root Canal Retreatment

      This a procedure performed to save teeth that may not have healed or have become infected following previous endodontic treatment. Our endodontists will re-open the tooth, remove existing filling materials, and ensure that the infection is eliminated, thus promoting healing, and saving the tooth from extraction.

      Removal of Broken Instruments in Root Canals

      Instrument fracture during root canal treatment is an unwanted complication with potential serious consequences, including treatment failure and even tooth loss. We use the ZUMAX 3D Microscope to remove broken files safely and effectively from within the root canal, ensuring the success of your treatment.

      Endodontic Microsurgeries

      These may be recommended when a nonsurgical root canal procedure is insufficient to save a tooth. This advanced approach, such as an apicoectomy, can quickly, comfortably, and successfully address issues such as small fractures, hidden canals, damaged root surfaces, or surrounding bone inflammation or infection.

      Our Endodontists