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      What do parents need to know about their kid’s first dental visit?

      As new parents, the questions that are often asked are what age should you start taking your child to see the dentist and what to expect on his first visit. It’s also quite common for parents to worry about their children’s behavior at their first appointment and how to prepare them before.

      Here’s what you need to know about preparing your child and making his first dental visit as pleasant as agreeable for both of you.

      When should my child see a dentist?

      Every child is different, so there is no exact correct age to first take your child to the dentist. But the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that the visit should take place by their first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts.

      The benefits of an early first dental visit

      Like any other aspect of physical development, your child’s oral health is very important.

      With regular dental checkups and a healthy diet, your children’s healthy smiles can last a lifetime.

      The initial dental visit is the first step in the oral health journey of your child. Healthy teeth can help them to chew food easily, learn to speak easily, and smile with confidence. Further, checkups can help dentists identify problems at an early stage and get children into the habit of caring for their teeth.

      How to prepare for your child’s first dental visit

      We strive to make every child’s first dental visit a fun and positive start to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

      Thus, we encourage parents to prepare their children before coming to the clinic. Offering positive reinforcement and praising them for being brave will help a lot to minimize their fear. Explain what will happen and what the dentist is looking for, keep it simple, and don’t include too many details.

      What to expect during the visit

      Your child’s first dental visit is mainly to help him feel comfortable with the dentist and the staff. Pediatric dentists have the knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the little ones to make their journey a smooth and gentle one.

      Depending on the kid’s age, the consultation will include a full checkup of the teeth, jaws, bite, gum, and oral tissues to check his oral development.

      The dentist may show you and your child proper home cleaning such as flossing, and advise you on the need for fluoride.